Functional art born in my Herne Hill personal studio. Click to see variants, contact me for customised object.


Nebulae lights are lit up thick multi-media paintings of fluid dynamics reselbling nebulous gas super objects. .


Using my Nebulight designs I implement word-clock technology to create one of a kind time telling art.

Meet Petra Backovska

Born 1995 in Central Europe, raised in ex-soviet council blocks. . Czech Technical University - Faculty of Architecture (2014-2016). Founding my own studio in 2016 and developing my art (2016 - onwards) in London. Since 2023 I am part of the team over at Possible and I run Fixing Factory in Camden. For more details on the wonderful work done over there click here Fixing Factory and Possible

About Petra Station

I started developing my art in 2016 in Brixton, relocating to Herne Hill in early 2020. My creative journey started in my childhood when I discovered photography and maker movement. Following my relocation to the UK I started developing my own art, In 2017 I designed the infamous doorstops that became the number one product of PetraStation. Since my creations are mostly popular in the USA. Ideally I wanted to have hyperlocal influence so started attending Herne Hill Market on Sundays where I met with a great success since 2021. I have run resin workshops, woodturning classes and DIY soap making in my spare time. In 2023-2024 I am undergoing restructure of my workshop. If you like my skills in multi-media creating that involves a combination of woodwork, bio-plastics, cnc, electornics and modelling, please get in touch! .


Coming in 2024

Audio Editing

I am also freelancing as a content editor. Contact me via form to discuss your project!


I am really busy with work and working on my website (I am definitely doing it myself) is something I aim to do in August. If you want more details on my work, please contact me via contact form! Thanks!